Flairosol 10oz Continuous Spray Bottle

  • $9.95

This spray bottle is great for glass cleaner  

The Flairosol Sprayer is the perfect sprayer with endless uses. Using a patented hand pump design, the Flairosol sprayer creates a fine mist to get you the perfect coverage. With an ergonomic friendly design, the Flairosol sprayer creates an even mist just as an aerosol sprayer. Does everything your typical pump sprayer does but better and more efficiently. The uses are endless to fit the needs of your lifestyle. Whether you need a spray bottle to detail car, wet your hair, or simply need to water your plants, the Flairosol sprayer is the one for you. Made of durable materials makes the Flairosol sprayer even great for household chemicals. 


This innovative sprayer takes the convenience of an aerosol spray but eliminates the need of dangerous solvents and pressurized gases that can not only harm the environment, but also harm your lungs and health. Using a patented unique hand pump design, the steady aerosol type spray is put in action only after a couple of priming squeezes to activate the flow. You will be amazed at how the flairosol not only works, but also at the time and energy you will be saving. Any professional cleaner can tell that using a hand pump sprayer day in and day out can really take a toll on your fingers and develop fatigue fast. The flairosol eliminates the need of trigger pump sprayers and allows you to use your favorite cleaner, deodorizer or protectant quickly and easily. Just pop the top, fill, prime and go.