SoakShield - Jumbo Flat Glass 4pc Microfiber Rope Set

  • $119.95

SoakShield first brought you the Original microfiber rope used in automotive windshields to help protect the water from running down behind the dash of a vehicle.

Now introducing the SoakShield JUMBO.

These ropes are designed for flat glass tinting.

The ropes are 4 times the size in thickness of the original automotive ropes.


These ropes are used at the bottom of the window on the sill or floor of the ground depending on the window setup.

No need to wind up towels and try to get them to stay on the ledge.

The SoakShield JUMBO rope stays right in place and Soaks up all the water from your install.

This set comes with 4 ropes.

1 - 72"

1 - 48"

2 - 30"

Sizing of the ropes is perfect for many applications and window sizes.

*Custom lengths can also be custom ordered.

The SoakShield JUMBO ropes come in 6 color options. 

- Ends coated to prevent Frey of strands.
- 90-day free replacement if defect from workmanship.
- Machine Washable.
- Hand Made in the USA, By Tinters for Tinters